Artic Adventures

Due to no light pollution – Villa Haugen provides an ideal viewing point for the Aurora Borealis / Northern lights in the area. With the Lofoten archipelago as a background you will have a magnificent outline for the night sky. As a guest at Villa Haugen – you can enjoy the northern lights directly from the house, inside the gazebo/pavilion or in the hot tub down by the sea. The season of the Aurora Borealis is normally from September to March.

With the Lofoten archipelago as a background the Steigen area explodes into life on the arrival of the midnight sun each year. It becomes hard to tell the difference between night and day and even harder to get to bed in due time. The season of the midnight sun is from the end of May until mid July.

From Villa Haugen you have a direct view of the entire Lofoten archipelago. The dramatic jagged mountains are a spectacular view from a distance. It is possible to book a rib safari/charter that within 30 minutes takes you across Vestfjorden to a close up experience of Lofoten itself (weather dependent).

Steigen has its own coastline and archipelago with hundreds of small islands and secluded white beaches. At the same time the areas intertidal zone with up to 4 meters difference between high and low tide – can be both challenging and majestic at the same time.As guest you can explore the area by kayaking, boating or just walking the shores.

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Lillian Molstad-Andresen
Surrounded by the Northern light
John Magne Birkeland
Midnight sun
John M. Birkeland
Tove Idland
Lofoten seen from Villa haugen
John Åge Handberg
Rib safari in the arctic
Tove Idland
Black grouse
Dronenett AS
Overview of Grøtøy