New Builds (Cabins)

We are currently in the process of building 3 new cabins, which will be located on the west side of the property close the existing boat house, sauna, and hot tub. The area is “secluded” in the sense that there is no light pollution, and no other nearby houses—just stunning views of nature itself. You can enjoy panoramas of Lofoten and nearby islands as well as of the local wildlife (foxes, moose , otters, seals, eagles, and many different kinds of birds— which all pass by during the day). You can also use the living room to relax and watch the tide slowly creep in and out underneath you.


• All cabins wil be 15m2 usable /area. They will have an inner part in solid wood consisting of a living room, bath room and an entrace area. On top of this there will be a roofing structure resembling the traditional scaffolding for unsalted fish.

All cabins will have a panorama window facing west as well as a terrace with a terrace door fasing north.

• A new zoning plan is underway and we plan to start building the new builts late 2022 and finalise them before the main season starts in 2023.