Going to Norway

Imagine going mountain hiking without meeting anyone, or visiting a beach all by yourself and being served the catch of the day at the seaside - well – then you ought to go to Steigen in Nordland.

This is one of the more unknown and unspoiled “gems” in Norway. Those that already have been here – never forgets it. Those of you that haven’t been here yet – have something to look forward to.

Located on an island with direct view of all of the majestic Lofoten mountains – you can choose between four new arctic adventure packages. There is one focusing on local food, one giving you the insight into the history and historical sites of the area, another on wellness and tranquility and one for those of you that would like to be a bit more energetic.

We will also grant you exclusivity if you are part of a group of 6 persons or more (we have space for 14-20 guests) and stay for at least 3 nights. If no one has already booked some of our rooms in the period your group will like to stay – we will close down the rest of the hotel without any extra costs apart from that of your booking (accommodation, food, activities and beverages).

A link with more details and information.will soon be posted - meanwhile you can look at the Norwegian version.

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