The Archipelago

There are two different archipelagos in the area - the more famous Lofoten Mountains and Archipelago as well as the less known Steigen Archipelago. Both are magnificent and can be experienced as part of your stay at Villa Haugen.


Lofoten Archipelago
From Villa Haugen you have a direct view of the entire Lofoten archipelago. The dramatic jagged mountains are a spectacular view from a distance. Through one of our cooperation partners you can book a rib safari/charter that within 30 minutes takes you across Vestfjorden to a close up experience of Lofoten itself. The season is all year around (weather dependent).

Steigen Archipelago
Steigen has its own coastline and archipelago with hundreds of small islands and secluded white beaches. At the same time the areas intertidal zone with up to 4 meters difference between high and low tide – can be both challenging and majestic at the same time. Through our cooperation partners you can explore the area by kayaking, boating or just walking the shores. The season is all year around.