The Estate

Villa Haugen is a unique and luxurious property on 500 sqm located above all other buildings on the island Grøtøy with a direct view of the Lofoten archipelago. At the beginning of the 20th century, Villa Haugen was a house beyond comparison and Norway's most expensive property in the North. After being upgraded it is still a place that gives you that “glamorous” feeling of the 1920’s.

In addition to Villa Haugen itself – the property consist of a gazebo/pavilion with a 360-degree ocean view with no light pollution, a boat house where one can attend a rustic gourmet lunch or chill out along the seafront, a sauna house build the finnish way as well as a hot top that uses seawater.

Villa Haugen reflect the nature, which surrounds it. It is a magical place where the sun gently sweeps the windows morning and midday to bring the most amazing light imaginable.

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