Priser og betingelser

Villa Haugen er lokalisert på en øy som innebærer at våre overnattingsgjester må benytte seg av vår restaurant for å spise frokost, lunsj eller middag – med mindre annet er særskilt avtalt partene i mellom. Det er ikke lov å bringe eller nyte medbrakt mat eller alkohol


Villa Haugen Boutique Hotel (hereafter VH) registered office is at Grøtøya 11, 8283 Leinesfjord, Norway


Before making a reservation at VH we encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they constitute a contract agreement between VH and the guests from the time the booking is made. The person who makes the booking accepts these conditions on behalf of all the people in the group and is responsible for all payments due. By submitting a booking you confirm to us that you comply with these arrangements.


Once you have submitted your booking and personal details – either through e-mail to or by Villa Haugen telephone +47 907 59 282 – you will receive a confirmation of your booking via e-mail. Please note that all bookings require payment of 25% of the cost at the time of the booking. Most of the bookings are confirmed instantly; however, packages that include use of our cooperation partners may take a bit longer. Booking services with VH are available only to persons aged 21 years and older. By submitting a booking, you warrant and confirm to us that you comply with these arrangements.


Please note that all bookings require payment of 25% deposit to be paid within 10 days after receiving an invoice in order to confirm the booking. The remaining balance to bed paid by invoice 30 days before arrival If booking is made less than30 days ahead of arrival the full amount will be required for confirmation). The booking is considered valid after the payment of the initial 25%. The initial payment also confirms that the booking is “binding”. Surcharges from services rendered during a guests stay at VH – including food and beverages – have to be paid by credit card or cash before leaving VH and Grøtøy. We accept all major credit cards except American Express. There is no service fee for processing Visa payments. However, if you wish to pay for your booking with a Master Card/Euro Card, a service fee of 3 % may be added. All prices quoted on our website are in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and per person, unless otherwise specified. All payments and refunds are due in NOK. VH is not responsible for any changes in currency exchange rates that might occur from the time of booking until a refund is made.


All rates quoted or shown in are based on current prices. All prices mentioned on these sites include value-added tax. VH reserves the right to alter or change already published prices on the websites without notice in the event of currency fluctuation, government taxes, or any such costs increases that is outside VH control. VH reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or departure times without prior notice should this be necessary due to weather or other reasons that are beyond VH’s control. Please notice that in the case of changes of flights, the passenger is responsible for any additional costs that become payable as a result of such changes. Any increase due to changes in government laws, i.e. tax changes will be added to the invoice. If a day activity or adventure is cancelled due to circumstances outside our control or minimum numbers are not reached, we will refund the money you have paid. VH shall then have no further liability towards you.


For cancellations received after the initial payment of 25 % of the cost and before the payment of the remaining accommodation cost 30 days before arrival – no charges will apply. For cancellations received between the final payment of the accommodation cost and the day of arrival – no payment will be refunded. If payment is not finalized on the time we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and keep all money paid on concept of cancellation fees. The prepaid 25% at the time of the booking will not be refunded – under any circumstances.


Force Majeure

Once you book through you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. VH acts in good faith and cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness or schedule changes caused by weather or road conditions, force majeure such as natural catastrophes, strikes or any other irregularities beyond the control of VH. Luggage is at the owner’s risk throughout the tour. We therefore advise all clients to have insurance cover, as clients are at their own risk on optional tours, such as kayaking, diving, fishing, rib charter, etc. All information on VH is subject to change and we reserve the right to correct any mistakes that may appear on our website. These general booking conditions are subject to change and we reserve the right to update these conditions without notice.


Our main goal is to provide you with an excellent service. If you, for any reason, are not satisfied with your holiday package, we would like to hear about it. We recommend you contact us as soon as any incident occurs. All complaints must reach VH within 10 days after your departure. Otherwise, any possible compensation entitlement will not be valid. Insurance Please note that individual travel insurance is not included in the different concepts and all medical costs and other costs involved must be paid by the client. It is therefore strongly recommended that participants take out personal insurance, especially for arctic adventures. We strongly recommend to all of our clients to purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure to meet any contingencies.

Cooperation partners

VH are responsible for its cooperation partners being paid if you have ordered these activities through VH – unless it is agreed that you shall pay them directly. Our cooperation partners are each responsible for their own parts of the activities/adventures, including comprehensive insurance, permits, equipment, staffing etc., and for their compliance with prevailing laws and regulations that apply to the cooperation partner. If a disagreement arises between a cooperation partner and a guest concerning quality, faults or deficiencies that may have arisen before or during the stay, VH, will not be a party to such a matter. 



You as a guest are obliged to follow VH house rules and instructions when staying at VH. Between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00, guests are obliged to keep noise to a minimum out of consideration for other guests and locals with residence on the island (leisure homes). When guests use the island (Grøtøy) for recreation – consideration to local residences properties and privacy shall be taken; i.e. no trespassing, use of marked paths shall be preferred, etc. All guests are fully liable for any damage caused to the VH’s property, its surroundings including VH equipment and interior. VH are entitled to terminate the stay with immediate effect if the guest or anyone in the guest’s company behaves disruptively and/or causes damage to the VH’s property, its surroundings including VH equipment and interior. Guests are advised that VH’s cooperation partners may have their own rules and obligations, and that customer is responsible for familiarising himself/herself with these.


Smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings pertaining to the property of VH, including Villa Haugen itself, the service building, the pavilion, the boat house, the sauna or the shed or any other building owns or rented by VH.


Alcoholic beverages are served according to Norwegian rules and regulations and VH’s own license to serve alcohol. Alcohol consumptions is only allowed within specified areas, including the ground floor and first floor of Villa Haugen itself, on the terrace and the patio outside the main living room, the diner in the service building, inside the pavilion and its surrounding area, on the lawn beneath the pavilion, inside the ground floor of the boat house and on the quay area. Alcohol consumption is due to health issues not allowed inside the sauna house. Any guests that do not apply with these rules and instructions can be ostracized from VH and the stay terminated. Guests are not allowed to bring and consume their own alcohol on VH premises.


Pets are not allowed at VH.


Guests that have food allergies or other allergies have to notify VH when a booking is made.

Use of VH boat

Guests that travels with the VH boat either as passengers or as part of an activity by their own, have to use a life jacket or a regatta suit when being out at sea (even on short trips). 


All bedrooms will be made up on guests arrival – fitted with towels and robs. Extra towels can be found in the bathrooms and the sauna area. Making up the rooms will not be carried out for stays shorter than two nights unless this is specifically agreed between VH and the guests as part of the booking arrangements.

Use of VH facilities

When guests are using VH facilities – including the pavilion, the boat house, the sauna and the hot tub or any other facilities owns or rented by VH – you have to comply with specific instructions for how different facilities are to be operated. Such instructions will be present at the proximity of the different facilities.


Outdoor shoes are not allowed inside VH and its facilities. Instead guests may use flip flops located in the main entrance and in the boathouse. Inner footwear can be used for dinner arrangements. There is a beach at the quay side area of VH. If and when guests are using this beach or its surrounding areas for swimming or as part of a sauna and hot tub arrangements – thongs can be used to prevent guests cutting themselves on seashell or other sharp objects.


Due to the weather conditions in the area guests have to bring proper clothing for a stay at VH. This especially applies for autumn, winter and the spring season. Warm underwear garments and socks/stockings may come in handy if you will be joining activities at sea or in the mountains. This also applies for proper footwear is you intend to attend mountain hiking or just walk the shores