Cooperation Partners

Rib Steigen / Nordskot Brygge (Sea Sport Center)
Through Rib Steigen we have entered into an agreement where they can provide us with rib charter to and from Bodø and Grøtøy on request in connection with your arrival and departure. If during your stay you will like to see more of the area from sea - Rib Steigen can for instance take you on a tour across Vestfjorden to Lofoten.
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Manshausen is the Norwegian polar explorer Børge Ousland’s place located on a nearby island. Through Manshausen we can offer different activities like diving, rock climbing, guiding, sea and sail, etc.
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Naustholmen – Adventure Island
The Adventure Island is Randi Skaugs place – another Norwegian explorer. Through our agreement she can offer you activities like kayaking, sea eagle safari, etc. The Adventure Island is connected to Grøtøy by a bridge.
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Villa Haugen has a cooperation agreement with local photographer Karoline Pettersen. If needed - she can give advise/courses on how our guests’ can become better photographer themselves. For instance how to take better pictures of the Northern light – or how to maximize your own camera in order for you to take better pictures in the future. For more information – see see 

Steigen Coastal Museum
There is also a coastal museum on the mainland - Nordskot that may be worth a visit. It focuses on the old fishing culture and has several old boats and equipment on display.
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