Special Offers

Catering for discerning guests seeking a private and, if needed, a confidential visit – Villa Haugen can be booked exclusively for small groups of 5-10 individuals. You can be greeted by Villa Haugen staff at the Bodø airport and transported to Grøtøy – either by use of the local express boat, a chartered rib, car/bus or other form of transportation based on your requests and the current weather conditions.

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Arctic Tranquility & Serenity

If you are one of those who don’t enjoy chasing activities all day long when out travelling – you may still take pleasure in our three day basics gourmet concept focusing on tranquillity and serenity. For instance, you can use two hours or more on breakfast. Likewise, you can use the area and its facilities to just relax and watch the days and nights go by. Even harsh weather can be experienced close up from inside the pavilion or the boat house. The location itself is free from light pollution and thereby a perfect spot to experience the northern lights - and the sounds you hear are the sounds of the nature itself. Read more....

Arctic Corporate Business Management

Villa Haugen is an ideal location to combine board meetings, strategy sessions and different teambuilding’s with arctic adventures. The conference facilities situated on the 1st floor of our boat house – is unobtrusive with a direct view of the Lofoten archipelago and can be used all year around. We can help you put together a uniq conference or teambuilding framework – where you in addition to a professional focus can participate in different arctic adventure while enjoying “fine dining”. Read more.......

Arcitic Ocean Adventure

We can offer an ocean adventure concept based on a two (2) night stay focusing on the “culinary delights” of the sea. Accompanied by our “fisherman” Roderick Sloan you will be foraging shellfish, fish and other delicacies of the ocean – and thereafter cook today’s harvest together with him and our chef Luke Henderson with experience form different Michelin restaurants (Maaemo and Hand & Flower). Read more......